Radio EPOK

John Gillen

I entered the matrix as the One. Immediately, I used my powers to make people pee their pants so that I could point and laugh at them. I have never peed my pants and I never will. Only other people pee their pants, and when I make them. If you are mean to me, I will make you pee your pants and I will laugh at you, and make everyone laugh at you. Underestimating me is a mistake you don't want to make.

My special ability is Chromosome Sap. I can drain your chromosomes from a range of 100 feet and add them to my chromosomal count. With each additional chromosome, I can extend the range and power of Chromosome Sap. Chromosome Sap can also apply extra chromosomes to targets. I keep my chromosomal count hidden so that I can attack my enemies with surprise down-syndrome. In a close battle with my arch-nemesis, GRIMM, I accidentally hit all of Mumbai with an AoE down-syndrome attack.

I traditionally stream about 00:00 UTC. You can find me listening to boomer rock, vaporwave, experimental, and progressive rock. Sometimes we take calls from the Inner Earth theorists inbetween their fights with the Lizard People.

Audio equipment

Ever wonder what gives my voice that sharp, irritating quality? Here's a quick rundown of my audio setup using gamer-tier microphones and JACK.

NUBWO Gaming Headset N7

This headset is a personal favorite for many reasons. Despite being a gaming headset, it has several features that make it incredibly useful for DJ'ing.

Basically, this headset was designed for radio. I only have one gripe: the attached microphone. It sounds decent for a $20 headset, but I personally hate the sound it produces. I prefer to use a standalone microphone. If you're starting out with radio, though, this headset is 10/10 for price. I could wear this for literal days at a time if I needed to. You can also use the included audio splitter cable it comes with to use it as only headphones, which is nice.

Sound quality is also surprisingly decent. I didn't expect much out of these, but the bass sounds rich and music listening is an enjoyable experience. It's nothing compared to a good hi-fi setup, but again, for the price tag, it's mind-blowing. I would compare these to instant ramen. "Wow, this is great for the price but is honestly worse than everything else. Still gonna eat it all the time, though."

Fifine Condenser Microphone

If it wasn't already clear, I was just picking whatever Amazon recommended to me off of best seller or whatever. This microphone is pretty good, sounds nice, and like everything I do, dirt cheap. The little tripod stand can get finicky at times, but isn't an issue if you don't mess with it. I can't attest much for the sound quality, but from some Audacity recordings I did with it, it sounds great after some white noise filtering.

When it comes to radio, your microphone is much more important than your headset. Aside from this microphone, I have a Sterling S50 studio condenser microphone that I normally use for recording with a band. I don't regularly use it for streams because it requires a dedicated power supply and audio interface. If you have the existing audio equipment or the budget, go all in on your microphone. The specifics can get complicated, which is why I recommend consulting with a professional DJ for advanced setups.


The timezone displayed is my local timezone, UTC-5. If you didn't know already, I live in the middle of the US. You can import the calendar to your own calendar app and get notifications when I stream or when I plan to.